3-Month Coaching Program

With customized support around the 5 C's (communication, clarity, community-facilitation, conflict, and change) you'll have more confidence, comfort, and agency to ignite and sustain inclusive, positive dynamics on your team.  

3 Months of 1:1 coaching with Rachel includes bi-weekly one-hour sessions, and unlimited email / text support.

You will have:  

• Short term and long term goals/priorities, (strategic plan) aligned with your 5 C’s  

• Clarity and intentional support for developing new habits, aligned with your BIG priorities and unique S.P.A.R.K. vision

• Clarity and support on setting boundaries to accomplish your goals/priorities  

• More confidence in your ability to uncover your blindspots (interrupting unproductive patterns), make shifts, and communicate more openly about your racial identity 

• Increased comfort and confidence in your new organization systems and supports to propel your vision forward

Investing in your leadership growth and development will propel your vision forward in BIG ways and will have a lasting impact on your team and future. 

Ready To Begin Your 3-Month Coaching Journey?

Pay in Full = $1497

Here's what SPARK Influencers are saying:

"Rachel is a force of love and compassion. In a tumultuous time, she's making an impact by using her high-touch skills to unite and empower where it matters most. What I appreciate most about Rachel's approach and mission is her refreshing and sincere commitment to integrity, diversity and inclusion." 

-Mary Simms

CEO & Founder, The Mary Simms Public Relations Agency

​"​Rachel is really passionate and committed to her work; she’s authentic, brave, kind and has a warm heart. She has an open mind and really makes you feel heard, seen, understood and come up with your own realization.​"​

 -Nadjejda Chapoteau

CEO & Founder, Love Light Coaching 

​"​After my planning session with Rachel, I was able to step away from taking the business one day at a time, and work on goals that encompass the whole next year in business. I have a whole new look on how I look at the business!!​"​

 -Joy Colino

CEO & Founder at Nannies Plus

​“Rachel is a force to be reckoned with. Her determination to bring peace and clarity to her environment, team and the world as a whole is something I deeply admire about her. She's a leader that you'll want to follow for sure.”

-Maru Iabichela

CEO & Founder at MARU Internacional 

​"Rachel is one of my favorite students and someone I'm proud to call a friend. After hearing her story, I was compelled to help her spread the message. I've spoken to a few friends in England about SPARK and what it's doing and each and every time, the response is always the same... 'Where can we get our set?' If you're on the fence about speaking to Rachel, hiring her to give presentations or just get started with SPARK... I suggest you stop hesitating and reach out. She's a warm, kind, and loving soul who is open to helping anyone that reaches out!" 

-Adil Amarsi 

​"Rachel is a powerhouse with a huge heart and brilliant mind. She's tirelessly committed to making a difference in the world by empowering leaders to show up more courageously and consciously. Her desire to bring people together beyond race, class, ethnicity, or any perceived 'differences' is an inspiration. If you are looking to lead with more courage and compassion, Rachel will help you make that possible." 

-Sage B. Hobbs

Communication & Relationship Coach, Author of Naked Communication